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"You will never see someone else saying they'll exterminate the subhuman race as they ascend to a futuristic machine-god with such sincerity."

"I honestly don't understand why anyone would dedicate themselves to such a painful and frustrating philosophy."

"There is no understating how genuinely TERRIFYING icycalm is if 1) he's your first exposure to these kinds of ideas, 2) you're of a sensitive temperament, and 3) are honest enough with yourself to not rationalize away the points he brings up.
   His words hit like A-bombs."

"icycalm is going to define philosophy for the entire millennium."

"Honestly, I think he both thinks he's the smartest man on the planet while still exaggerating this shit for fun."

"And despite his incredibly massive claims of 'ending philosophy', I think he's basically just saying 'I'm finishing Nietzsche's work, which was almost done with everything but then he went mad plus he didn't live in the 21st century with shit like movies and videogames so he missed some shit there which I'm going to fix'."

"It's really amazing how all the years of wild ramblings by the alt-right can be put to rest with a few words from Nietzsche and icycalm."

"Nietzsche was less than 200 years ago and you have icycalm right now. Both are still over the heads of even the brightest people and are fully read by practically no one. How many more do you need?"

"I knew as soon as I saw the reference to organ printing he meant icycalm."

">206. Mistakes of the subhumans. They immediately interpret the idea of subjectivity as giving them free reign to support any viewpoint that they want, no matter how incoherent, ignorant and wretched. Sure, the ant too has its own perspective of things, and therefore its own subjective reality, but who gives a shit about the reality of an ant? The greater the man the greater — and hence the more objective — his perspective, and therefore the idea of subjectivity does not undermine the absolute rule of inequality in the universe but is precisely the mechanism by which it comes about.

   Amazing how he simplifies debates that last dozens of threads with hundreds of posts on here."

"[Aphorism 241] is saying a lot. It's boiling down several very big philosophers to a single word, which is ridiculously helpful for analyzing and thus digesting them. It's also outlawing obscurantism by saying that all philosophy CAN be reduced to a single concept (someone who says their philosophy can't and shouldn't be reduced has something to hide, probably incompetence).
   It is also showing that there are not 'philosophers' but just 'philosophy', all of them linked in a big web. Contrast that with the type of thinking that says 'these are the theologians', 'these are the existentialists', 'these are the analytic', and they form distinct, separate realities.
   It's incredibly aggressive and ballsy as he is essentially claiming the entire cannon under his banner. I think the word 'invasive' is how a lot of people would feel about it, mostly people that benefit from one of the weaker camps of philosophy that stand to lose a lot when they can't fight off the bigger camps by fencing themselves off and declaring themselves an island.
   At least that's my reading."

"This guy might just be the next big philosopher."

"The style is not that different from Nietzsche's. If you think it's a joke you more than likely would have been one of the academic morons flaming Nietzsche back when he was publishing his stuff."

"Fuck, this is pure undiluted genius."

"icy's opinion of these things will change my opinion on them totally so I go solely to icycalm for my knowledge of what to think about culture and the world."

"Thank god someone else fucking hates Bob Marley and that song."

"I used to disagree with everything icy ever said. But it was interesting so I kept reading it and thinking it over. Some of the things were just so shocking and original that I felt compelled to either counter him or agree with him. By and large I mostly disagreed with him.
   Over the course of 5-10 years I eventually started to see that when you apply his perspective, be it his game theory or philosophy, everything seemed a lot more clear and sensible. He had a lot of concepts that I just couldn't explain away so I slowly started to accept more of his ideas. Eventually a lot of the things he said I thought was just gibberish, incoherent thoughts, or shock-material became easier to understand. I was a skeptic on every step which is why it took me about eight years to fully accept everything. A big part was reading the same material he did and doing harsh criticisms. For years I thought 'Alex you don't understand Nietzsche at all' but eventually I realized I was the one with the incorrect interpretation.
   Read icycalm for yourself and make your own choices. Do not take my word for it or the word of these idiots being resentful of him."

"21st century's Nietzsche right here. I can't take you seriously if you aren't paying attention to what he's writing."

"[Aphorism 497] is fucking brutal. I think the main advantage homosexuals have is we don't carry the burden of our ancestors. I can't imagine how bad it must be to be black and have every single person in your family lamenting about their oppression. At least when you're gay all your family members are heterosexuals who are by and large much healthier.
   I think heavy exposure to other minorities is probably the most destructive thing for minorities."

"Are there any refutations of icycalm's philosophy beyond calling it edgy?"

"I heard a rabbi say that no gentile philosopher had more positive things to say about the Jews than Nietzsche. Can't wait for the rabbis to dig through icycalm.
   They'll probably declare him the Messiah."

"So he rubs people the wrong way and we all know why but I have zero problems with him. Big fan. I read every essay on this list and every book on his OOTW recommended reading list as well. I will now and forever be grateful to that terrifying bastard for applying the fucking jumper cables to my thick skull and blasting me into philosophyfag plateau. Waking up my love for videogames and showing everyone how awesome continental theory could be.
   Nothing but love for icycalm. Nothing but love. Hope he's doing well, wherever he is, and whatever he's doing. A true original and then some."

"He writes about PUAs particularly because some of the more successful ones like Krauser and Roosh have tried pushing their game theory into other territories like philosophy, making claims about beauty and taste and philosophical concepts which they simply do not have the right to."

"icycalm's writings are fucking painful. He has written things that made me literally cry myself to sleep. In the long term he's been a huge net gain for me but holy shit that guy fucking hurts."

">You just want to fit in with some enlightened e-celeb.

   I think this does describe a lot of icy's fanbase. Actually absorbing his philosophy is very hard to do because there are no secondary sources and because it's cutting edge you can't learn much by referring back to older thinkers. The ideas are very complex and build on themselves getting harder to master as they grow. That's why every discussion about his game theory is stuck at the early essays (if they are discussed at all). Then there's the genetic factor..."

"—Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, __________?

   Search your feelings. You will know it to be true."

"We live in a time when Donald Trump can become PotUS, but Alex Anthony icycalm Zirbas Kierkegaard is not yet recognized as the greatest philosopher that our age, or perhaps all ages, has produced. Why is this?"

"icycalm is legit."

"I don't understand why icycalm tries to come off as being so arrogantly certain about everything. I understand that, with this language, for him to couch his words in 'maybes' would to him suggest a kind of weakness that he wants to avoid projecting. Maybe he doesn't care about the kind of person who would quickly dismiss him because of this, instead only caring about the kind who in interested in him in spite of it, for whatever honesty they see in him. And yet, in doing this, can't he see that he is so very much responsible for all the faggotry committed by idiots in his name, as well as for putting off people who otherwise might have reason to listen to him but then, understandably, dismiss him as the hack he isn't concerned with not being seen as? It's silly, as there is clearly genuine insight there mixed in with so much arrogant jerking off over things he makes out to be much more than they are."

"icybro's style is a filter, like you said, but your reservations are not really reservations. The aesthetic cannot be divorced from the message, foremost, and fags will do idiot faggery in the name of anyone regardless (because they are fags). The Prince is tonally mild — did that prevent realpolitik buggery?"

"icycalm's faith is not wrapped up in pointless metaphysics where you circlejerk about 'first cause' or other bullshit. It's the faith, that will allow us to begin shaping."

"/lit/ thinks they can understand cryptic 19th century Nietzsche in original German
/lit/ is actually too dumb to appreciate icycalm written in 21st century surfer vidya gama English (not even his first language)"

"Agreed. Now I find him somewhat hopeful though with regards to the future of humanity defeating the subhuman hordes and going to space and fighting aliens.
   If he's making you feel bad about being a subhuman or half-human or whatever, just identify and be honest about your flaws and then stop fretting and worrying about the categories."

"the idea that icy is solipsistic is wrong. perspectivism.
   odd how you guys love icycalm and barely understand him..."

"The format of Rei's garbage is identical to icy's and the writing style is copied. He also uses words in ways only icy does, like discussing 'the flux' instead of 'a flux'. icy's work is older by a long time so it's not that hard to see this. You sort of expect it now since there's been so many copycats with him. When his site was taken down a guy named Magnus Anderson started impersonating icy and writing in his style. Then there was some StarCraft fanboy that started taking old articles icy had written, rephrasing them and passing them off as his own. He also made a website that copied the layout of icy's website in pretty much every detail. icy is fascinating to watch because weird stuff is always happening around him."

"icycalm doesn't need to do shit, he does so because he wants to and because he can."

"You could read what icy has said and not be surprised at all that he stole some money. Hell, in this case I'd get suspicious of what he's written if he HADN'T stole money and instead worked a day job like a normal person."

"I hate the fact that every single time a Nietzsche quote is posted, somebody replies with an icycalm quote."

"This is an indication of where the future of humanity is heading. It is the first real SF-inspired philosophy and it speaks of a future that will brutally crush and condense the masses under the weight of powerful new technological advances. In an era of broken homes, weak fathers and rising feminism, a need for the martial teachings and values of Ares is growing, and no other person embodies this better than him currently. It's no surprise that his critical forte also lies in videogames, a pastime fueled primarily by the testosterone-pumped people who devote most of their time to the intellect and the technocrats of today."

"icycalm strikes me as an ideological bully."

"icycalm triggers the resentful feelings of both libtards and /pol/degenerates, and basically anyone lacking philosophy, so hard that he's one of the very few topics where any threads get instantly deleted on here."

"'Our guys' are all internet self-help memes like Alone telling us to stop being narcissists, Jordan Peterson telling us to clean our room, Joe Rogan telling us to lift and take DMT, Sam Hyde telling us to lift and stop being stupid millennials...
   Then you have icycalm who says 'all these people going against the status quo are just as weak and resentful as SJWs or trannies or whatever. If you don't aspire to be a chaos space marine from 40k then you're a worthless subhuman who deserves to die. Compassion is for the weak. Kill kill kill dominate dominate dominate forever.'
   I'm not sure if anyone here feels the same terror and anxiety over icycalm that I do but he's seriously onto something."

"icycalm has inspired me to become human. At the very minimum it will improve my life, at the very most it will save me during the war."

"Look I don't hate gays, but a qualifying statement like this sentence you are reading right now is the ultimate fagot detector. I see this every single time I see someone praise icycalm.


   Et cetera et cetera et cetera. This disgusts me about as much as people who confuse 'they're' and 'their'."

"guy says he'll clone himself with 3d printed organs and rape non-nietzschean aliens to death like it's already happened"

"icy I think is Nietzsche's successor, this means that a certain amount of Nietzsche will always be present in his works. I think you can see this with his criticism of contemporary events and philosophers (yes including the vidya), these are criticisms done in the spirit of Nietzsche and done better than other of Nietzsche's followers. Aphorism 497 for instance sums up the history of all 'minorities'' failures. 630 provides the solution to their sickness.
   icy's uniqueness is his 'immersion', his so called 'philosophy of the future' affirms everything. Even the basic enemy of Nietzschean philosophy, resentment is affirmed in aphorism 547 and several other places. Opposition, such as resentment is necessary; for there to be a struggle, you need enemies. 'Bad' things are affirmed by immersing yourself in the struggle. You can also tie this in with his art theory: videogames and action movies are the best form of art because they glorify struggle."

"icycalm returns us to reality with his immersion theory but you must have actually read his books to realize how he defeated post-modernism."

"The sheer amount of gossip and rumors about icy alone should tell you he is interesting. The man leaves the internet for a year and there's speculation about why; if the average person on this website left the internet for a year would anyone even notice? Hell even e-celebs would probably be forgotten in a month or two."

"I don't know why people never recognize Alex Kierkegaard on any of these lists. You cannot find any texts like his, he is the first real critic of modern art and he is the most ruthless writer today. Instead, mentioning him calls forth instant ad hominem attacks. It makes me think that intellectual discussion is dominated by a hivemind."

"I think Mundus is a bunch of empty words wrapped in nice language. You can take just about anything from Orgy of Will and it will instantly provoke response. If Alex writes about a particular concept it really makes you start rethinking it, you feel compelled to accept or refute him. Rei's stuff doesn't really seem to provoke any sort of response from people.
   Orgy is also extremely easy to read, you can pick it up with zero background in philosophy, it's anti-obscurism. It's also explicitly stated what previous philosophical ideas he is building on. Mundus is like something out of the Gospel of Thomas, it's intentionally written to be hard to understand. He draws heavily from Jung's concept of 'self' but this is not something you would know unless you have previously read Jung. Everything is a mystery.
   I would call myself a follower of icycalm. My question is this, are there any actual followers of Rei? If Orgy and Mundus are opposites then having a discussion with someone who is serious about the latter would be neat."

"I love watching the hatred for icy grow. I unironically expect people to start shoving their face full of fondue out of sheer resentment."

"I'll remember him as the only person worth reading when it comes to videogame art criticism and for properly culminating the past 30 or so years of the rising generation of science-fiction inspired philosophers."

"Still gay that icycalm threads get deleted and yet we're alowed to talk about this other random nobody blogger."

"In a sense, it's genius, because there really is no good reply to it."